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On this page, you can find more information about my research, as well as links to my publications, conference presentations, and dissertation.

My dissertation, The Logical Problem of the Trinity, addresses the coherence of the doctrine of the Trinity by examining Gregory of Nyssa’s defense(s) of it in Ad Ablabium. I argue that placing him in the context of the semantics and philosophy of language of the Stoic and Greek grammarian traditions shows he intends to offer multiple defeater-defeaters, directed at audiences with divergent background assumptions, rather than one single, unified but confused argument, as he is usually read.

My interests in ancient and Hellenistic philosophy focus on metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of language. My interests in metaphysics focus on universals and particulars, and the individuation of agents, events and actions – all of which impinge on the issues in philosophy of religion I focus on. Conversely, in philosophy of religion, I focus on the philosophy of the early church fathers, as well as methodological questions in philosophical theology.

More broadly, my work bridges the gap between historical theology and (analytic) philosophical theology by combining the tools of logic and analytic metaphysics and philosophy of language with work from patristics and historical scholarship. In doing so, I hope to show how both fields can benefit from a deeper engagement with one another. One of my goals is thus to model an approach to sources that is at once historically sensitive, and logically and philosophically rigorous. page for Beau Branson.

A full list of publications and conference presentations can be found on my CV here.

Links to published articles and conference presentation slides will be added below, when possible:



“Ahistoricity in Analytic Theology,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly vol. 91, no. 1 (2018). (Penultimate draft here. Published copy available from Publisher here.)


Conference Presentations:

The Neglected Monarchy of the Father in Analytic Theology (Select PPT Slides)

(More Coming Soon!)


Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration (Full). (Around 5 0r 6 hours, total.)

Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration – Part 1

Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration – Part 2

Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration – Part 3

Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration – Part 4

Monarchy of the Father Presentation with Narration – Part 5


Finally, you may view a copy of my dissertation below, or download it at this link.

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